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Holographic LED Screen Display RS/RL-P3.91
Experience stunning visuals with our Transparent Hologram LED Display. Unparalleled clarity and realism. Elevate your display game now!
Holographic LED Screen RS/RL-P6.25
Experience the future of visual technology with our Holographic LED Display. Stunning, immersive, and cutting-edge holographic visuals.

China R Series Suppliers

Transparent Hologram LED Screen aim to create a three-dimensional holographic display that can be viewed from different angles while still allowing light to pass through the screen. Unlike traditional LED displays, which are opaque and emit light to create images, Transparent Hologram LED Screen use a combination of holographic techniques and LEDs to produce the illusion of 3D content.
The general concept involves projecting images or video onto a clear or semi-transparent surface using a combination of lasers, light sources, and holographic optics. The projected light interacts with the screen\\\\\\\'s surface to create the illusion of depth and a 3D effect, giving viewers the impression of holographic content floating in space.